If you’re seeking for opportunities to grow or caring about delivering high-quality product, what are the critical things you need to know about a company? The vision, the culture, the process?

Choosing a company, a team, a good manager means a lot for everyone. In order to evaluate the opportunity, asking questions to the hiring manager would be a great way to learn. Here are 5 tough questions I asked my managers before.

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1. How does your team or company make decisions?

This question can help you to get a glance of how the process goes. …

Everyone is saying, as a UX designer, you should tell the story in your portfolio review. But what’s a good story in this case? I started to think about this question a long time ago. As a non-native speaker, it’s even more challenging for me. What exactly is the story? No one knows.

After 33 portfolio reviews with different companies, from startups to large corps, I tested different versions of my stories. Also, being an interviewer to interview other designers, I learned how other people did for their portfolio review. …


Senior Designer at Microsoft. Previously at OfferUp, Baidu, Google, etc. / www.xfmay.com

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